Leash Reactivity 101 Webinar Replay

Does your dog pull, lunge, whine, or bark at dogs while on leash?

In this 90-minute recorded webinar from April 2020, Andre Yeu, Founder and Head Trainer at When Hounds Fly, will go over what leash reactivity is, behaviour modification principles used to address it, and share video and footage of how we help overcome "leash reactivity".

Normally, we deliver this content at our facilities at an admission price of $20 per person, and this event sells out within minutes of registration opening, but we've decided to make this available for FREE to anyone - just fill out the form to be emailed a link to view the webinar.



Leash Reactivity 101
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Since 2010, over 9000 dogs (and their families!) have taken classes with us.

“A year after our private sessions with Andre, our beagle Jake sits on our front porch and watches dogs walk by without aggression — dogs that used to set him off on sight at any distance. We continue to use food rewards on walks and have reduced fear-aggression responses to a rarity. He no longer guards the porch when the postman, delivery people or friends approach. Can’t tell you how grateful we are for Andre’s sound advice.”

– Tom and Deborah